Špičkové biometricky chráněné datové úložiště s dálkovým přístupem přes vlastní VPN servery...

The technical specification of the data storage

  • Application for IoS, Android, MAC OS, Linux, Win 10
  • The interface for projection in the browser, open app for the car infotainments
  •  A full integration of the payment gateway for the settlement of all services
  • 2FA/3FA biometric authentication for login into the systems, hardware integrity token, a circuit card for authentication of the operations being carried out, the certificate
  • Data encryption before their transfer into the storage (secured by the client application), encrypted data are stored only
  • Another additional data encryption in the storage by the administrator of the digital perimeter protection
  • A strict enforcement of the ZERO KNOWLEDGE regulations for the service operator
  • The safe distribution of the disposable encryption keys
  • The VPN connection to the storage through own VPN servers
  • The enforced digital data and profile shredding
  • Locking of the access to the encrypted files in case of the access from an untrustworthy device
  • The verification of the embedded data by means of the blockchain technology
  • The geolocation and verification of the device when accessing the stored data
  •  A disposable, fully secured, encrypted, generic clipboard for data/files forwarding and sharing
  • The formation of a virtual box/session and encrypted data recording/adding data/files sharing and the subsequent verification of their consistency
  • The biometric securing and generating of the disposable crypto key with the subsequent notification and distribution of the key
  • Setting of the autodestruct of the box and its content in case of their non-collection and of the time limit expiry
  • Followed by: the box/session login and the crypto key assignment with the consequent downloading the encrypted data (only once)
  • The consequent digital data and box shredding after their downloading. At the moment only one copy of the data exists on the local disc of the currently logged-in user
  • In case these data have not been collected the box with its content will be automatically destroyed after the expiry of the preinstalled time (the data expiration)


Prices of tariffs / profiles

1 EUR/month
2 EUR/month
3 EUR/month
4 EUR/month
6 EUR/month
10 EUR/month
 above the 2TB disc space  each TB will be priced 4,50 EUR/month  







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