Špičkové biometricky chráněné datové úložiště s dálkovým přístupem přes vlastní VPN servery...

General description of the service


The top biometrically protected data cloud storage with a remote access through own VPN servers integrated in the critical structure of the state and certified by the National Security Authority for the CONFIDENTIAL level. The safest and technologically highest data storage in the EU will be operated in a data centre resistant to EMP pulses, power failure and connectivity failure. Its part will be also a technological platform for data saving from the thing internet sensors, autonomous vehicles, smart home and a platform for data saving from all types of the camera systems (secondary backups).

The data storage will be integrated in various services (IFTTT), etc and cloud platforms. The integral part of the data storage will be an absolutely uncompromising biometric module of the protection and administration of the data profiles and the saved data. The data profile administration will be supported in the 24/7/365 regime from any client´s authorized device by means of hardware biometric integrity token for the user´s authorization followed by the authorization of the operations carried out in the user´s profile that is the ENERPRISE PROFFESIONAL A GOVERNMENT profile type. The access to the user´s profile will be done by means of a VPN tunnel through the own VPN servers when nothing will be stored what would mean the user´s identity and profile compromising. Neither, there will be stored logs for the purpose of improving the service quality and tracing testing.

In the data storage there will be enforced a double encryption for the purpose of an uncompromising safety, the first one in the client´s device and the second one in the data centre. The safe distribution and storing of crypto keys and of the token hardware integrity are a matter of course. As an integral part there will be the applicability for all the operational platforms – available and platforms which will provide the data encryption, their integrity and a safe transport to the data centre.

After the user´s authorization it will be possible to immediately and irreversibly discard any profile and its content including the backups, with an immediate effect. Not like in the competing services where such an operation takes even half a year.

The service operator will in no way have any chance to manipulate the stored data, to decode or to modify them. Also, he will not keep any personal details of the users of this service, let alone then hand them over to the third parties unless expressively requested by the user himself.

The paid functionality of this data storage is the specific service called “MAGIC BOX”. It is the ultimately protected and disposable sharing of enciphered files and their subsequent digital shredding by means of the login module of the disposable virtual identity.


Prices of tariffs / profiles

1 EUR/month
2 EUR/month
3 EUR/month
4 EUR/month
6 EUR/month
10 EUR/month
 above the 2TB disc space  each TB will be priced 4,50 EUR/month  







The safest and technologically highest

data storage in the EU ...